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"Like liquid pouring out of a bottle" - Hope Miller

Lillith is a professional belly dancer in Monterey available for entertainment at your event. Planning a wedding, baby shower, or bachelorette party? Throwing a birthday party? Book Lillith for a performance or workshop at your special occasion. Troupe belly dance performances and fire dancing also available.

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About Lillith: Lillith has had an active passion for dance and music since 1994. After over a decade, belly dance has expanded into a way of life for Lillith through a rich background of training, performing, and teaching in a community that celebrates femininity. Her serpentine movements captivate diverse audiences with a unique blend of traditional and tribal styles, transforming each performance into a sacred moment. Lillith has toured from coast to coast offering workshops and performances, and has appeared on stage with several live music bands, including Mawwal, Incus, Renfey, and as a guest of Gene Loves Jezebel. In addition to belly dancing, Lillith is also a fire performer.

The story behind the name:

According to Jewish folklore, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. She is created at more or less the same time as Adam, and, as was Adam, out of the ground. Because of this she tries to assert her equality -- an assertion which Adam rejects. Refusing to conform to Adam's desire to lie beneath him, she escapes from Eden. God sends three angels to bring her back, who find her in the midst of the Red Sea and threaten to drown her. When she refuses to return, Adam is given a second wife, Eve, who was fashioned from his rib to ensure her obedience to her man.

As a threat to patriarchy, Lilith takes on her renowned role as baby-stealer and mother of demons. Although Lilith was demonized by early Jewish culture as a symbol of promiscuity and disobedience, many modern feminists see Lilith as a positive figure, a model of woman as equal to man in the creation story.

For me, Lilith represents the feminine power that is inherent within us all, but also the fearlessness to assert it. Belly dancing is a beautiful way to honor and celebrate the feminine as well as claim my divine power. At my best moments, the dance does not come from me, but rather comes through me. I am merely a vehicle for this ancient sacred dance.

Artwork: Lilith by Kenyon Cox (1856-1919)